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New York car accidents: Alleged car thief injures 8

When drivers choose to break the law, unfortunate situations may occur on the roadway. Speeding is a common factor in car accidents and can lead to serious injuries. A man accused of car theft and speeding allegedly caused a recent New York accident that resulted in several injuries.

According to authorities, the man stole an SUV and went on a joyride before the crash took place in the early morning hours. Following the theft, the man then reportedly began speeding on a Brooklyn highway without turning on his headlights. The SUV then rear-ended another vehicle and continued on before striking a second car. He then attempted to swerve around it, only to flip the SUV and hit a guardrail.

Falls are a common cause of construction accidents

There may be many different ways a construction worker could become injured on the job. Numerous construction accidents are the results of falling from significant heights. Two New York workers were recently hurt in such a manner.

The two men were performing construction on an apartment building in the Bronx when the accident occurred. As they worked to install stone slabs onto the facade of the building, they both fell 20 feet through the scaffolding they were standing on. Authorities stated that the scaffolding appeared to be of poor construction, as three wooden planks had come loose, leaving a hole in the platform.

New York car accidents: 3 killed in charter bus crash

Failing to pay attention while driving can lead to serious situations on the road. Negligent drivers are much more likely to cause car accidents than their fellow motorists who remain vigilant. Three people were killed in a recent New York accident with a charter bus driven by a potentially negligent driver.

Reports state that the driver of the charter bus was speeding when it traveled through an intersection and collided with the back of a New York City bus. Five people were injured in the crash and are currently in the hospital, three of which are in critical condition. The driver of the charter bus, a passenger on the city bus and a pedestrian were all killed in the incident.

Should I sue a major corporation?

One of the beauties of the American judicial system is that no one is above the law, no one too royal or company too big to be beyond the threat of a lawsuit if they cause an individual harm. Unfortunately, when a private individual suffers harm because of a major corporation, they often worry that their lawsuit is dead before it starts. After all, is it even possible to sue big businesses, practically speaking?

If you find yourself in just this dilemma, there is good news. Yes, it is possible to sue big businesses. However, you may face a long road ahead, and should be sure you know what to expect before you begin.

Negligent drivers often cause car accidents

It is always crucial for drivers to remain aware of their surroundings. When motorists fail to do so, car accidents can easily occur. Often, accidents that result from negligence cause serious injuries or even fatalities. A husband and wife were recently killed in New York by a driver who may have been negligent.

Police said that the collision occurred around midnight. The victims' car was stopped while waiting to make a left turn. Another car slammed into theirs from behind. Authorities are still investigating what caused the other driver's failure to stop. No word on whether charges will be made.

Police disciplinary trials and their delay tactics – Part 2

Police department disciplinary trials can often have seemingly endless delays. Many people that attempt to seek justice for suffering from police brutality or other forms of misconduct can wait years before the trial even sees the inside of departmental courtroom. While the actions of the department itself can often result in lengthy delays, there are other issues that can cause the departmental trial process to slow down.

A major factor that can contribute to a delay is plea negotiations. If the defense and prosecution are trying to work out a plea deal, it can sometimes lead to months long delays. In some cases, especially where the plaintiff has a prior criminal record, the prosecutor will work harder to strike a plea in order to avoid presenting the case before a departmental judge. This is because these judges can often be skeptical of people filing a complaint against police misconduct. Such skepticism is typically heightened if the plaintiff has a prior criminal offense or has been involved in a previous lawsuit against the city.

Police disciplinary trials and their delay tactics – Part 1

Almost two years ago, a New York police officer mistook a former tennis star for a suspected criminal and tackled the innocent man to the ground. The injured man has gone through a rollercoaster of trial reschedules in order to see the officer answer for his misconduct. Even after the trial is concluded, the former tennis star could wait many more months before the police commissioner submits a final ruling. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the police commissioner will punish the officer for use of excessive force and, even if he does, that punishment may never become public knowledge.

The process for pursuing a claim against a police officer for misconduct often involves an initial ruling by a civilian oversight board, followed by a departmental trial, and then a ruling by the police commissioner. While this is often the path of least resistance for victims that want to see justice done, most people do not have the same kind of resources available as the former tennis star, and therefore face many more obstacles.

Ladder safety tips for construction workers

In the construction industry the use of ladders is extremely common. Workers use ladders for many reasons, such as to reach the roof of a building.

While there is nothing wrong with using a ladder, here's what every construction worker should remember -- it sounds simplistic but the frequency of injuries due to ladders means many workers don't keep this in the forefront of their minds: An accident can happen at any time.

Fatalities may result from construction accidents

New York workers in occupations requiring physical labor risk potential injuries more often than those in other areas of work. Construction accidents in particular regularly lead to serious injuries and sometimes even fatalities. An employee in another state was recently killed after a trench he was working in collapsed.

The man was employed at a plant nursery. At the time of the accident, he was digging a trench to install water lines. By the time he had dug about a six foot hole, the trench collapsed, burying him up to the waist. The cause of the collapse has yet to be determined.

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