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November 2016 Archives

Slip-And-Fall Accidents: What to do immediately after the fall

Thousands of consumers in New York and other states suffer injuries every year while they are out shopping. Many of these injuries result from slip\-and\-fall accidents. Victims may realize that they may pursue claims for compensation for damages suffered in such an incident, but they may be unsure of the important procedures to follow immediately after the accident.

3 things to know about construction accidents in New York

Construction workers put their lives on the line each work day. There are laws on the books that are meant to help keep all construction workers safe. Any construction worker who has been harmed while on the job should determine what options they have for seeking the compensation that can help them to cover bills and live life. This is especially important when construction workers have to miss work or are unable to work again because of the severity of the injuries they suffered.

Facebook faces allegations of civil rights violations

Three women, one of them from New York, recently filed a lawsuit against Facebook. In this class-action claim, they accuse the defendant of civil rights violations by allowing its users to place discriminatory advertisements. The plaintiffs assert violations of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Fair Housing Act of 1968.

Spoliation of evidence leads to medical malpractice judgment

When New York residents are suffering the consequences of medical negligence or have lost loved ones as the result of such circumstances, they may find the idea of taking legal action overwhelming. Obtaining medical records from doctors and hospitals may seem an unachievable feat. However, with appropriate support and guidance, collecting the necessary evidence of medical malpractice may be possible.

Compliance with safety rules can prevent construction accidents

When safety authorities discuss workplace injuries in the construction industry, they will likely agree that falls are the cause of most of the serious injuries and fatalities reported annually. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has implemented strict safety regulations to address all the hazards presented by working at heights. However, many employers in New York and other states choose to disregard the safety precautions that can save lives. Too many New York workers lose their lives in construction accidents that were preventable.

Can You Be Deported For Making A Work Injury Claim?

Undocumented workers in the United States worry daily about the threat of deportation, and this concern often leads to a fear of filing claims for relief due to workplace injuries. The good news is that New York State and the federal government have laws in place that protect undocumented workers from retaliation by their employers. These laws bar threats of deportation, and it is illegal for an employer to report someone to Immigration and Customs Enforcement as punishment for a workplace injury claim. While the threat of deportation is always there, it cannot legally come from the employer of an undocumented worker who was injured on the job.

Car accidents: Drag-racing, alcohol alleged causes of fatal crash

A 39-year-old Brooklyn man lost his life in a rear-end crash in the early morning hours of a recent Sunday in late October. Naturally, family members of those who are killed in car accidents have many questions after such tragedies. This is also the case for the sister of the deceased man who was a passenger in the car operated by an alleged negligent driver.

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