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January 2017 Archives

When to take action if your child experiences school bullying

As a parent, you do everything you can to give your child a positive and joyful upbringing that also prepares them for the harsh real world. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your child ends up learning about human cruelty first-hand, thanks to school bullies. If your child's teacher and school administrators aren't taking steps to curtail the bullying, it may be time to consult with an attorney. This particularly applies in cases where the bullying results from your child's gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity or religion. An attorney can help advocate for your child to the school.

Fatal car accidents caused by negligent drivers in New York

Traffic lights are placed at intersections for a reason. They are intended to control the flow of traffic and create a much safer environment for drivers. When a person fails to adhere to a red light, the result can be disastrous. Many car accidents happen at such intersections as the result of a negligent driver. A recent accident in New York left several people injured and one dead.

Pedestrians in New York endangered by car accidents

Safety should always be a major concern when walking near traffic. This is especially crucial in heavily congested cities, where many people choose to walk to avoid traffic. In most car accidents involving pedestrians, the person has little time to react to a car that veers off course. In a recent accident in New York, a man fell unconscious at the wheel before running into a girl on the sidewalk.

Car Accidents: 3-car crash follows driver crossing centerline

Drivers who cross over the centerline or median and crash into vehicles on the other side of the highway cause many of the collisions on New York roads. The reasons for these car accidents vary from distractions to fatigue and impairment, and in many cases, the cross-over driver dies in the crash, and the cause often remains a mystery. However, investigators may determine the reason for such a crash that caused two drivers to land in the hospital.

Civil rights violations: Homeless boy barred from basketball team

The U.S. Constitution guarantees every citizen of American civil rights of personal liberty regardless of the age of the citizen. A lawsuit alleging civil rights violations was recently filed on behalf of a child in another state. It might interest New York residents to see how even children can experience discrimination by adults. The defendants in this lawsuit include the county's Board of Education and its superintendent along with the liaison for homeless children of the school district.

Slip-and-fall accidents: Wet mat on showroom floor leads to claim

New York residents who suffered injuries in incidents that occurred on properties of other parties may have questions about their rights to recover the damages they suffered. For injured victims to have viable claims, negligence on the part of the property owner must be evident. Property owners are responsible for maintaining premises in an acceptable standard of repair. They must address all known hazards to prevent incidents such a slip\-and\-fall accidents.

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