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April 2017 Archives

Every New York construction worker has rights to safety

Here in New York, there are thousands of workers who work in unsafe conditions every day. Under regulations provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), many of these dangers are avoidable, but employers still often push the boundaries of regulations in pursuit of making profits and meeting deadlines.

Car accidents more likely when drivers break traffic laws

New York traffic laws are in place for a reason. When drivers follow these rules, the roadways typically remain safe avenues for travel. However, some drivers do not heed the warning signs and cause car accidents. One man was recently injured in a collision because another driver failed to follow the rules of the road.

New York construction accidents can lead to severe injuries

In spite of the many safety precautions in place, construction work in New York has always been a dangerous job. Whether the result of a fall, malfunctioning equipment or any other host of workplace hazards, construction accidents can result in serious injuries. One worker was recently injured when he was pinned under a giant hammer.

Fatal New York car accidents often caused by intoxication

Drinking and driving is never acceptable. Wrecks caused in this manner are especially tragic because they could be easily prevented. Unfortunately, car accidents in New York still often occur due to intoxicated driving. One driver was killed recently after being struck by an alleged drunk driver.

Negligent drivers often cause car accidents in New York

Whenever New York drivers get behind the wheel, they must think about not only their own safety, but also the safety of their passengers and others in or near the roadway. Drivers who fail to use caution often cause car accidents that result in property damage and severe injuries. An elderly man recently died from the injuries he suffered as a passenger in one such collision.

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