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September 2017 Archives

Should I sue a major corporation?

One of the beauties of the American judicial system is that no one is above the law, no one too royal or company too big to be beyond the threat of a lawsuit if they cause an individual harm. Unfortunately, when a private individual suffers harm because of a major corporation, they often worry that their lawsuit is dead before it starts. After all, is it even possible to sue big businesses, practically speaking?

Negligent drivers often cause car accidents

It is always crucial for drivers to remain aware of their surroundings. When motorists fail to do so, car accidents can easily occur. Often, accidents that result from negligence cause serious injuries or even fatalities. A husband and wife were recently killed in New York by a driver who may have been negligent.

Police disciplinary trials and their delay tactics – Part 2

Police department disciplinary trials can often have seemingly endless delays. Many people that attempt to seek justice for suffering from police brutality or other forms of misconduct can wait years before the trial even sees the inside of departmental courtroom. While the actions of the department itself can often result in lengthy delays, there are other issues that can cause the departmental trial process to slow down.

Police disciplinary trials and their delay tactics – Part 1

Almost two years ago, a New York police officer mistook a former tennis star for a suspected criminal and tackled the innocent man to the ground. The injured man has gone through a rollercoaster of trial reschedules in order to see the officer answer for his misconduct. Even after the trial is concluded, the former tennis star could wait many more months before the police commissioner submits a final ruling. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the police commissioner will punish the officer for use of excessive force and, even if he does, that punishment may never become public knowledge.

Fatalities may result from construction accidents

New York workers in occupations requiring physical labor risk potential injuries more often than those in other areas of work. Construction accidents in particular regularly lead to serious injuries and sometimes even fatalities. An employee in another state was recently killed after a trench he was working in collapsed.

New York car accidents: multiple pedestrians injured in crash

Though illegal, some drivers choose to attempt to drive when intoxicated. This is never a wise decision as it often leads to car accidents that may cause serious injuries for anyone involved. Several pedestrians are lucky to be alive after being injured by an alleged drunk driver in a recent early morning crash in New York.

New York construction accidents sometimes result in fatalities

Injuries on the job can sometimes happen in unexpected ways. Rather than resulting from lack of safety precautions, many construction accidents in New York and across the country occur due to a simple mistake or perhaps equipment failure. A contractor was recently killed while doing what was considered "routine" electrical work.

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