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January 2018 Archives

A blow to the head can end your construction career

If you recently suffered a blow to the head on your construction job, it is critical to seek professional medical attention as soon as you can. Any time that a construction worker suffers a blow to the head, his or her employer may hold liability for the medical costs of treating the injury and other expenses.

New law facilitates filing of some medical malpractice suits

New York legislators and Gov. Cuomo recently agreed on an acceptable version of a new law that will assist patients with cancer who do not learn that the doctors made a mistake until after the statute of limitations has expired. Many patients have in the past been denied the right to sue their doctors for negligence because the patients did not discover the negligence until it was too late to seek damages. The new law will give a period of 2 1/2 years to file the medical malpractice lawsuit after the cancer patient discovers the error.

Slip-and-fall accidents Q and A

Accidents happen on private or public property that can leave people with emotional, physical and financial wounds. Slip-and-fall accidents are particularly common in New York and elsewhere. This week, this column will address some common questions that victims of slip\-and\-fall accidents may like answered.

Drug charges case turns into civil rights violations matter

A drug charges case in another state has made national headlines. Police are accused of arresting 65 people after finding a tiny amount of marijuana at a house party. The district attorney handling the case has actually dropped the charges against all but one of the accused. The NAACP, however, is only just getting started on the civil rights violations claims it plans to file. This is a case that could change how police in New York and everywhere treat such drug crime cases in the future.

New York sees a number of weather-related car accidents

Winter weather can make driving a bear. Unfortunately, too few people make the appropriate adjustments to drive safely when roads are covered in snow and ice. As a result, New York has already seen a number of weather-related car accidents this winter season.

Medical malpractice suit alleges negligence led to leg amputation

Residents of New York -- and really, individuals across the nation -- have the right to expect, even demand, a professional standard of care from their health care providers. In fact, such a standard is used to ascertain whether a doctor has committed medical malpractice, should it be determined that he or she failed to meet that standard of care. In another state, a man has filed a lawsuit claiming exactly such a failure after a doctor's alleged negligence led to the loss of his leg.

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