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What is false arrest?

Law enforcement officers are human, just like the rest of us, and are certainly capable of making mistakes. In recent years, public outcry over police misconduct has forced this issue into the spotlight, placing even greater scrutiny on police officers to uphold the law while they enforce the law.

Your immigration status doesn't affect your rights at work

As an immigrant, you're at a disproportionate risk for workplace injuries. You may not be in the United States legally, but that doesn't mean you should be at risk of injury. Latino workers face the highest risk of dying on the job, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Your immigration status doesn't negate employer obligations

For many people, moving to the United States and getting a high-paying job is the best means of improving their future and the lives of their loved ones. Because of restrictions on immigration, it is harder than ever for many people to pursue that dream. Instead of giving up on their hopes, however, many people choose to bend or even overtly break the law in the hope of a brighter tomorrow.

Is a school liable for bullying?

As a country, we are currently in a very interesting cultural moment. More so than at just about any other point in time, people in every corner of society must consider the potential consequences of their actions if they act unfairly toward someone else. After years (or centuries, even) of those with little regard for the wellbeing of others preying on them, especially inside of a school setting, institutions and individuals are beginning to understand that bullying can carry serious penalties.

Police disciplinary trials and their delay tactics – Part 2

Police department disciplinary trials can often have seemingly endless delays. Many people that attempt to seek justice for suffering from police brutality or other forms of misconduct can wait years before the trial even sees the inside of departmental courtroom. While the actions of the department itself can often result in lengthy delays, there are other issues that can cause the departmental trial process to slow down.

Police disciplinary trials and their delay tactics – Part 1

Almost two years ago, a New York police officer mistook a former tennis star for a suspected criminal and tackled the innocent man to the ground. The injured man has gone through a rollercoaster of trial reschedules in order to see the officer answer for his misconduct. Even after the trial is concluded, the former tennis star could wait many more months before the police commissioner submits a final ruling. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the police commissioner will punish the officer for use of excessive force and, even if he does, that punishment may never become public knowledge.

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