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Construction Accidents Archives

Increased construction accidents reveal serious safety concerns

In New York City, construction accidents are running at a high mark due to numerous factors. A drop in OSHA inspections, increased safety violations and the soaring volume of construction work in the city are all contributing factors, along with several others. Usually, construction accidents result in injury or death to construction workers, but that is not always the case. Sometimes, the victims are members of the public.

What are the most common construction accidents?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 3.3 million people reported suffering on-the-job injuries in 2009. Nearly 300,000 of them were construction workers. That is a significant number, one that should not be overlooked. What are the most common construction accidents seen in New York?

New York construction accidents: 6 workers injured in collapse

Construction is a popular industry in New York. However, it is a field that can result in serious injuries when accidents occur. Those involved in construction accidents may consider filing workers' compensation claims. Multiple workers were recently injured in a building collapse.

Fatalities may result from construction accidents

New York workers in occupations requiring physical labor risk potential injuries more often than those in other areas of work. Construction accidents in particular regularly lead to serious injuries and sometimes even fatalities. An employee in another state was recently killed after a trench he was working in collapsed.

New York construction accidents sometimes result in fatalities

Injuries on the job can sometimes happen in unexpected ways. Rather than resulting from lack of safety precautions, many construction accidents in New York and across the country occur due to a simple mistake or perhaps equipment failure. A contractor was recently killed while doing what was considered "routine" electrical work.

Construction accidents in New York may lead to fatalities

There may be many reasons an accident might occur at a workplace, especially when working at a construction site. Construction accidents may result from equipment malfunctions, generally unsafe conditions or even simple mistakes. One New York worker was recently killed and another worker was injured while on the job.

New York construction accidents: Workers injured in explosion

There can be many reasons a construction worker might get hurt on the job. From falls to machinery failures, construction accidents are not uncommon. However, some injuries occur in ways companies do not expect. Two New York construction workers were recently injured in an explosion.

Unsafe conditions may lead to construction accidents

Anyone working in the construction industry knows that things can go wrong even when precautions are taken. When all possible safeguards are not in place, construction accidents are even more likely to happen. Six New York workers were recently injured in one such accident when the building they were working on partially collapsed.

Construction accidents may occur in unpredictable ways

New York employees working at constructions sites may face many risks while on the job. Construction accidents have even been known to happen in unpredictable ways. When severe injuries or fatalities occur, workers (or their families, in the case of fatalities) may consider filing workers' compensation claims to help deal with the aftermath. A worker in another state was recently killed after being hit by a car.

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