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We Hold NYC Surgeons And Hospitals Accountable

Many people were shocked when Joan Rivers died during a routine outpatient surgery at a Manhattan clinic. At the law firm of Friedman Sanchez, LLP, we have handled enough similar cases to know that surgical injuries and deaths are all too common — and often preventable. Our Brooklyn trial lawyers handle surgery malpractice cases throughout New York City and Long Island. We have secured compensation through jury verdicts and negotiated settlements, including a $600,000 recovery for the victim of a plastic surgeon who botched her breast reduction surgery.

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Surgery Errors And Anesthesia Errors

Certain mistakes should never happen in a properly run operating room. Our attorneys are skilled at gathering the medical records and securing medical expert opinions that the surgical team departed from the standard of practice.

Examples of surgical procedures gone wrong that might constitute malpractice include:

  • Anesthesia overdose or failure to monitor vital signs
  • Performing the wrong procedure (wrong body part)
  • Retained objects (sponges and clamps)
  • Perforated bowels or severed artery
  • Disfigurement or nerve damage from plastic surgery
  • Post-surgery complications (hemorrhage, infection)
  • Premature discharge from the hospital

Was The Outcome Preventable?

You cannot generally sue for an outcome that is a known risk of the procedure. However, disclaimers and waivers do not absolve the surgeons, nurses and hospitals of liability for errors in judgment or deviations from procedure that lead to serious injury or death.

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