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Aggressive Litigators For Pedestrian Accident Victims

Drivers have an obligation to yield to pedestrians, not only in the crosswalk but anytime their paths intersect. A person who crosses in the middle of the block does not become invisible or “fair game.”

Nonetheless, the defense may resist responsibility and claim that the victim was solely at fault. If you or a family member was struck as a pedestrian, it is critical to seek experienced legal counsel. The lawyers of Friedman Sanchez, LLP, have obtained favorable results on behalf of clients injured in pedestrian accidents.

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Holding Drivers Accountable For Pedestrian Accidents

We have the experience and resources for all scenarios such as:

  • Pedestrians struck by careless motorists
  • Pedestrians hit by taxis (yellow cabs and Uber cars)
  • Pedestrians clipped by city buses
  • Pedestrians struck by commercial trucks
  • A pedestrian run over in the crosswalk by an NYPD police van
  • Injuries in parking lots and loading zones
Bike vs. Pedestrian: We’ve seen an increase in pedestrians hit by bicycle riders. Did you know you can bring an injury claim against that cyclist?

The driver and his or her insurance company will blame the victim to avoid or reduce compensation. First of all, “jaywalking” or crossing against the light does not automatically bar a person from recovering damages. Secondly, the pedestrian’s behavior does not excuse a driver who is speeding, pulling out of an alley, backing up, using a smartphone while driving or otherwise failing to drive with caution in a populated area. We keep the focus on the negligence of the person behind the wheel of the motor vehicle.

This Is A Pedestrian Town, Yet You Still Need Solid Representation

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