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Construction accidents: Crane cable snaps, kills 2 workers

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2016 | Construction Accidents

Construction workers in New York face many life-threatening hazards every day, including struck-by hazards. When cranes or other massive machines malfunction, personal protective gear may not be enough to save a worker. For this reason, thorough inspections are required at regular intervals to identify and rectify dangers before construction accidents occur.

An apparent break of a cable on a crane recently caused a tragic accident that claimed the lives of two construction workers in New York. According to a Department of Buildings Commissioner, a crane hoisted a 6,500-pound beam. When the cable snapped, the massive beam fell from a height of four stories onto the cab of the crane.

The two workers who died in this incident were a 47-year-old Brooklyn man who was operating the crane, and a 43-year-old Queens man. They were working on the construction of a residential building when the tragedy occurred. The malfunctioning of the cable is a suspicion only, and further investigations is necessary to confirm it. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will also work to assess the employer’s compliance with safety regulations.

Whenever lives are lost in construction accidents, the surviving family members can pursue financial relief through the New York workers’ compensation insurance system. While lost lives cannot be replaced, the death benefits may ease the financial burden at this difficult time. The high costs of end-of-life arrangements are typically covered, and a percentage of lost wages will be awarded to help with daily living expenses for a predetermined period after the death of the workers.

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