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Car Accidents: 3-car crash follows driver crossing centerline

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2017 | Car Accidents

Drivers who cross over the centerline or median and crash into vehicles on the other side of the highway cause many of the collisions on New York roads. The reasons for these car accidents vary from distractions to fatigue and impairment, and in many cases, the cross-over driver dies in the crash, and the cause often remains a mystery. However, investigators may determine the reason for such a crash that caused two drivers to land in the hospital.

The New York State Police reports that troopers rushed to the crash scene on a recent Wednesday morning. Their report alleges that a 39-year-old woman lost control of her vehicle while heading north on State Route 167. She traveled across the center and entered the southbound lanes. Reportedly, she crashed head-on into a sedan that was heading south. Another southbound vehicle could not avoid the wreck and smashed into the sedan.

Police say the driver who traveled into the southbound traffic lanes suffered facial trauma and fractures to her legs, and emergency workers transported her to a hospital. A medical helicopter rushed the driver of the sedan to a different hospital for treatment of leg fractures. The 33-year-old driver of the third car suffered no injuries.

Victims of car accidents in New York may have to face substantial medical expenses, especially, when extended periods of time are spent in hospitals. At the same time, the loss of income may make it even tougher to pay the medical bills. Fortunately, they can file personal injury claims against negligent drivers. Such lawsuits can be complicated, and an experienced personal injury attorney’s assistance may be valuable in the navigation such a claim on behalf of the injured person.

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