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Slip-and-fall accidents: Wet mat on showroom floor leads to claim

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2017 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

New York residents who suffered injuries in incidents that occurred on properties of other parties may have questions about their rights to recover the damages they suffered. For injured victims to have viable claims, negligence on the part of the property owner must be evident. Property owners are responsible for maintaining premises in an acceptable standard of repair. They must address all known hazards to prevent incidents such a slip\-and\-fall accidents.

A man recently filed a claim in Dec. 2014 against a company that performed cleaning services in the showroom of an auto dealer in another state. The plaintiff alleges negligence on the part of the defendant. According to the complaint, the showroom owners employed the plaintiff, and the slip-and-fall accident occurred in the line of his job. The defendant says his fall led to severe injuries to his head, spine, shoulder, neck and more. He claims the injuries are of a permanent nature and caused a loss of income because he could no longer perform his employment duties.

The lawsuit claims that the defendant negligently created a dangerous condition on the floor of the showroom by placing down a wet mat before drying it properly. The victim seeks recovery of expenses related to medical and hospital treatment. Further compensation is sought for enduring disability, disfigurement and loss of life enjoyment. The amount sought in monetary awards exceeds $50,000.

Any New York residents who are suffering the consequences of slip-and-fall accidents may want to discuss their cases with an experienced premises liability attorney who can assess the circumstances to determine the viability of claims. A skilled lawyer will examine the conditions surrounding the fall and provide guidance through all the proceedings that may follow. Regardless of whether the solution lies in negotiating a settlement or going to court, the attorney will work to achieve the best possible outcome.

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