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Many slip-and-fall accidents involve ladders

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2017 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Homeowners, painters, construction workers and others in New York often have occasions to use ladders. These useful tools come in various sizes and weights, some able to be extended to towering heights. Slip-and-fall accidents often occur, resulting in severe injuries.

Although many people fully recover from ladder accidents, a startling number suffer fatal injuries. In fact, statistics show approximately 300 people die every year in ladder-related accidents. Others become permanently disabled. Preventing such accidents is not always possible; however, as with many other work-related situations, proper safety measures are key in helping workers and others avoid such incidents.

Sometimes, a ladder accident occurs because the person using it or the one who gave it to that person chose the wrong type of ladder for a particular job. Learning about the various kinds of ladders and how best to use them is one way that may help lower the risk for injury. Regular inspection of ladders is also high on the list for keeping those who use them safe.

It’s typically a good idea to fully inspect a ladder whenever its received (by purchase or loan, or issued on a job), then again before each use and on a regular basis in between uses. Workers or others in New York who suffer injuries in slip\-and\-fall accidents often seek compensation for damages when someone’s negligence was a causal factor. By speaking with a personal injury attorney, one can explore available options and determine how best to proceed to seek full monetary recovery of any and all losses suffered.

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