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Speed plus recklessness often equals car accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2017 | Car Accidents

New York City is a hub for a wide variety of activities, and people are often in a rush to get where they want to go. Unfortunately, if they happen to be behind the wheels of their vehicles at the time, they can be menaces to those who share the road. Many serious car accidents are later discovered to have been entirely preventable were it not for the negligence of someone involved.

This type of behavior may have been the leading cause of a recent tragedy. A 62-year-old suffered catastrophic injuries when an allegedly speeding vehicle slammed into his car near an intersection. The driver of the car that struck him had apparently gunned his engine in order to overtake another vehicle in front of him.

The sudden impact of the collision propelled the victim’s vehicle into a parked car and a train stanchion. He was rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency care. Sadly, he was unable to survive his injuries.

Authorities continue to investigate the situation. When New York car accidents result in injury or death, recovering victims, or immediate family members who survive fatally injured victims, often file claims in civil court against those deemed responsible. In cases where victims survive their injuries, they often seek compensation for damages to help meet expenses brought upon them by medical care and various types of costs in recovery, such as physical therapy. Additionally, compensation in a successfully litigated case can help a grieving spouse, parent or adult child recover monetary losses associated with a particular incident.

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