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Fatal New York car accidents often caused by intoxication

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2017 | Car Accidents

Drinking and driving is never acceptable. Wrecks caused in this manner are especially tragic because they could be easily prevented. Unfortunately, car accidents in New York still often occur due to intoxicated driving. One driver was killed recently after being struck by an alleged drunk driver.

The wreck occurred in the early morning hours of March 27 and involved two vehicles. A car carrying three people was traveling down a local expressway when it was struck by a tractor-trailer. The truck driver fled the scene after the crash. Authorities reported that the truck driver was drinking while driving.

The driver of the car that was struck was pronounced dead at the scene. The two female passengers suffered injuries, but were taken to a local hospital and are expected to make full recoveries. The truck driver was uninjured and later found by police and arrested at a rest stop in New Jersey. Charges are currently pending in New York, though he is already facing several charges in New Jersey.

While criminal charges are pending, the family of the victim could still file a civil lawsuit against the truck driver and the trucker’s employer in the form of a wrongful death claim. If their claim proves successful, they could then be awarded monetary damages to help pay for any financial expenses related to the collision, such as funeral costs. Any New York residents who have lost family members to car accidents could speak with experienced personal injury attorneys to learn more about filing wrongful death claims.

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