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New York car accidents: Woman killed crossing the street

On Behalf of | May 18, 2017 | Car Accidents

New York residents know that driving can be dangerous when the wrong person is behind the wheel. Those on foot must be especially observant to avoid such drivers, as a collision could lead to serious injury. However, being aware of one’s surroundings is not always enough to prevent car accidents. One woman was recently killed near a college campus after being struck by a car.

Amherst Police state that the victim was crossing an intersection near the North Campus of the University of Buffalo shortly after midnight. A young man was traveling northbound in his vehicle when he hit the victim in the street. Other details of the collision have not been released, as the police department is currently still investigating.

Reports do not state the extent of the victim’s injuries. However, authorities have stated that the victim was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. The driver of the vehicle was uninjured. No word on whether any charges will be filed against the driver.

Because the victim was killed in this collision, her family may be able to find some form of closure by filing a wrongful death claim in civil court. If their claim successfully proves negligence on behalf of the driver, they could be awarded monetary damages that could help pay for funeral costs and any other financial expenses related to the accident. Any New York families who have lost relatives due to injuries suffered in car accidents could consult experienced personal injury attorneys to determine if wrongful death claims could benefit them.

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