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Construction accidents may occur in unpredictable ways

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2017 | Construction Accidents

New York employees working at constructions sites may face many risks while on the job. Construction accidents have even been known to happen in unpredictable ways. When severe injuries or fatalities occur, workers (or their families, in the case of fatalities) may consider filing workers’ compensation claims to help deal with the aftermath. A worker in another state was recently killed after being hit by a car.

Though few details of the collision have been revealed, reports indicate that the victim was working at a construction site beside a road. Her partner was cutting concrete while she worked to flag vehicles to direct traffic around the site. One driver failed to notice the victim and struck her with his car.

According to state patrol, the accident occurred around mid-afternoon on June 13. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. Neither the other worker accompanying her nor the driver of the car reported any injuries. Police continue to investigate the incident.

Because the woman was killed while on the job, her surviving family is likely entitled to death benefits. These could be awarded by her employer’s insurance through filing a workers’ compensation claim. If their claim is successful, they could receive monetary damages that could help pay for funeral costs and any other expenses related to the tragedy. The family may also be able to file third-party claims against the driver of the car as well as any separate owner of the vehicle involved in the deadly crash. New York residents who have lost loved ones due to injuries from construction accidents could consult experienced attorneys to learn more about these types of claims and obtain assistance in filing them.

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