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Construction accidents often happen in unexpected ways

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2017 | Car Accidents

Construction work can be hazardous. Whether working to build a New York skyscraper or to pave a roadway, construction accidents that result in severe injuries are not uncommon. One worker recently suffered injuries in an accident involving an asphalt roller.

Officials stated that the man was working with other crew members one morning to pave a highway. The workers who witnessed the incident say that the victim got off of the asphalt roller because it began to turn over after it got too close to the edge of the road. The man intended to fill it with water to prevent the roller from sticking to the asphalt. After the victim exited the roller, the vehicle righted itself and ran over him.

The details of the worker’s injuries have not been released. However, he was taken to the hospital via helicopter in critical condition. Officials revealed that the man was responsive and appeared optimistic by that afternoon. He is expected to have surgery to treat his injuries.

When workers suffer severe injuries such as this, they often miss multiple days of work as they recover. To deal with the potential loss of wages, many choose to file workers’ compensation claims. When their claims are successful, they are awarded monetary damages that can be used to pay for medical bills and make up for lost wages. Any employees injured in construction accidents in New York could consult experienced attorneys to obtain more information about workers’ compensation and to receive assistance both in filing the claims and in any future litigation related to the claims.

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