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Construction accidents in New York may lead to fatalities

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2017 | Construction Accidents

There may be many reasons an accident might occur at a workplace, especially when working at a construction site. Construction accidents may result from equipment malfunctions, generally unsafe conditions or even simple mistakes. One New York worker was recently killed and another worker was injured while on the job.

Authorities say the men were working at a 15 acre commercial and residential construction site at the time of the incident. The two men were either working on or near a wall made of concrete and dirt when it collapsed. One of the men was buried alive under the debris. The site has since been shut down while the Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigates.

When emergency crews arrived, they found the worker trapped under the debris and the other worker injured nearby. They worked to free the trapped man for half an hour. Tragically, he had already died by the time they were able to get to him. The other worker was taken to the hospital for treatment.

When a worker is injured while on the job, they are entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim. Similarly, families of workers who were fatally injured may also file for insurance benefits. When these claims are successful, either workers or their families may receive financial benefits that could help pay for medical bills, funeral costs or any other related expenses. Anyone who has been injured in or lost a loved one to construction accidents could consult experienced New York workers’ compensation attorneys to obtain more information.

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