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Negligent drivers often cause car accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2017 | Car Accidents

It is always crucial for drivers to remain aware of their surroundings. When motorists fail to do so, car accidents can easily occur. Often, accidents that result from negligence cause serious injuries or even fatalities. A husband and wife were recently killed in New York by a driver who may have been negligent.

Police said that the collision occurred around midnight. The victims’ car was stopped while waiting to make a left turn. Another car slammed into theirs from behind. Authorities are still investigating what caused the other driver’s failure to stop. No word on whether charges will be made.

Tragically, both victims died as a result of their injuries. The female was pronounced dead at the scene and the male later passed away after being taken to the hospital. The man driving the other vehicle was also taken to the hospital, but his injuries were not considered life-threatening.

When victims lose their lives as a result of an accident, their surviving families may be entitled to file wrongful death lawsuits on their behalf. Should this type of claim prove negligence on the defendant’s part, the plaintiffs could then be entitled to monetary damages that could be used to help pay for medical bills, funeral costs and other related financial losses. Any families who have lost loved ones in car accidents could consult experienced New York personal injury attorneys to learn more about these types of claims. An attorney could also assist in filing claims and with any future related legal proceedings.

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