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Falls are a common cause of construction accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2017 | Construction Accidents

There may be many different ways a construction worker could become injured on the job. Numerous construction accidents are the results of falling from significant heights. Two New York workers were recently hurt in such a manner.

The two men were performing construction on an apartment building in the Bronx when the accident occurred. As they worked to install stone slabs onto the facade of the building, they both fell 20 feet through the scaffolding they were standing on. Authorities stated that the scaffolding appeared to be of poor construction, as three wooden planks had come loose, leaving a hole in the platform.

Both men suffered head and neck injuries and were taken to the hospital for treatment. One was later released on crutches while the other is still listed as being in critical condition. A partial stop work order was issued by the New York City Department of Buildings following the accident. Upon inspection, it was discovered that the scaffolding lacked end railings in addition to not being fully planked.

Workers who suffer injuries in construction accidents may face an extended recovery period. To help cope with any medical bills or lost wages, employees hurt on the job may be entitled to file for workers’ compensation. When these types of claims are successful, claimants may receive monetary benefits that can be used to cover expenses related to the accident. Anyone interested in learning more about such claims could consult an experienced New York workers’ compensation attorney to obtain information and receive assistance in filing.

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