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New York construction accidents: 6 workers injured in collapse

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2017 | Construction Accidents

Construction is a popular industry in New York. However, it is a field that can result in serious injuries when accidents occur. Those involved in construction accidents may consider filing workers’ compensation claims. Multiple workers were recently injured in a building collapse.

The men were performing construction on a Brooklyn building at the time of the accident. As the workers loaded cement blocks onto the roof, it partially fell through into the basement. The general contractor said that the crane operator made a mistake, leading to the collapse. The Department of Buildings issued a stop-work order after an inspection and is expected to issue several violations.

Nine workers were said to be in the area at the time, though only six were reportedly injured. One of the men was stuck between a two-by-four and another plank, while the others were covered by rubble. The New York City Fired Department was able to free all six men, who were then taken to area hospitals. Four of the workers were in serious condition and two in stable condition.

No one expects to get injured on the job. When construction accidents occur, employees may miss work and lose wages as well as face sudden unexpected medical bills. Many in this situation choose to file workers’ compensation claims. When successful, these claims typically provide monetary benefits that can be used to help cover the costs of expenses related to the incident. Any employees interested in learning more about such claims could speak with an experienced New York attorney for information and assistance.

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