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What are the most common construction accidents?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2017 | Construction Accidents

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 3.3 million people reported suffering on-the-job injuries in 2009. Nearly 300,000 of them were construction workers. That is a significant number, one that should not be overlooked. What are the most common construction accidents seen in New York?

The most common type of construction accident is falls. Roughly 22 percent of all construction accidents are related to falls. This could be due to a lack of safety equipment, poorly built scaffolding and ladder use — among other things.

Another common cause of construction-related injuries is falling objects. If materials are not secured properly, it is easy for them to fall and strike unsuspecting victims below. Such construction accidents often result in spinal cord or other injuries.

Finally, the last common type of construction accident that will be discussed are those that involve heavy machinery. Trucks, hoes, dumpsters, nail guns, forklifts and the use of any big piece of equipment can result in severe bodily injury. Employers are to offer safety training for all of this and other equipment, but it does not seem to completely stop accidents from occurring.

There are many more common causes of construction accidents, but these seem to occur with the greatest frequency. Those in New York who have suffered injuries in construction accidents may have legal recourse. Workers’ compensation claims may be filed in an effort to cover any medical care and financial needs. In some cases, third-party legal claims may also be appropriate and can help one achieve further compensation for any losses sustained.

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