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What is false arrest?

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2017 | blog

Law enforcement officers are human, just like the rest of us, and are certainly capable of making mistakes. In recent years, public outcry over police misconduct has forced this issue into the spotlight, placing even greater scrutiny on police officers to uphold the law while they enforce the law.

If an officer does violate a suspect’s civil rights, that person may have grounds to either dismiss related charges or possibly pursue a lawsuit against the officer or the officer’s employer. One tricky issue is the matter of false arrest.

False arrests may occur a number of ways, and not all of them are grounds for the same set of legal actions. If you believe that you or someone you love recently suffered false arrest, it is wise to consult with a defense attorney with experience navigating the local law enforcement and justice systems.

Was your false arrest illegal?

In many instances, officers may arrest individuals suspected of a crime, and a court or jury may later declare them innocent or dismiss their charges. This is a basic part of the American legal system. An arrest is not always illegal just because it does not result in a conviction.

However, some officers abuse their power or authority and arrest individuals on inflated or invented charges for any number of reasons. If you believe that an officer violated your rights as part of a false or groundless arrest, then you may have grounds to pursue legal action.

In many cases, false arrests are not illegal, because an officer made a false arrest for legitimate reasons without violating a suspect’s rights. If the officer violates the suspect’s rights in the course of the arrest, or if the officer makes the arrest without proper cause, then the arrest is possibly illegal.

How do you fight an illegal false arrest?

Should you suffer from an illegal false arrest, or if you suspect you did, you should consult with a reputable defense attorney. It is impossible to know whether your experience is actionable without first assessing it specifically.

An experienced attorney can help you look closely at the details of your arrest to identify any grounds for legal action, and then help you build a strong case to help you fight for justice. With professional legal counsel, you can do your part to protect your rights and fight for the rights of all people unfairly treated by law enforcement.


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