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New York sees a number of weather-related car accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2018 | Car Accidents

Winter weather can make driving a bear. Unfortunately, too few people make the appropriate adjustments to drive safely when roads are covered in snow and ice. As a result, New York has already seen a number of weather-related car accidents this winter season.

Most recently there was a 75 car pile-up on the I-90 near Buffalo. Authorities say that 22 cars were directly involved, while many others became stuck behind all the wreckage. Amazingly, it is believed that only two people suffered injuries in this event. Details about the victims and the nature of their injuries have not been reported.

Police are still trying to determine what caused this crash. Winter weather certainly played a role. At this point, it is unclear if anyone has been cited or arrested.

When weather is a contributing factor in car accidents, victims may be left feeling that they are responsible for their own losses. This may not be the case, though. When police uncover what caused this crash, those believed responsible may be held accountable.

In order to recover losses following car accidents, injured victims may file personal injury claims in a New York civil court. An experienced attorney can assist them with the filing, following which things can go one of two ways. It may be possible to reach a settlement through out-of-court negotiations — which happens in many cases — or it may be necessary to fight for compensation through litigation. Either way, one’s attorney will do every possible to seek maximum relief for any damages sustained.

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