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Is it better to land on your feet?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2020 | Construction Accidents

In the construction industry, you know you face a lot of fall risks. Every time you climb a ladder or walk on a roof, there is a chance that you could slip and find yourself plummeting toward the ground below.

In that split-second, how you react can play a big part in how severe your injuries are. That’s why it’s important to think about these reactions in advance. If possible, do you wnt to try to land on your feet?

Believe it or not, experts don’t always agree. For instance, one researcher studied the NASA data gathered in the 1960s about astronauts experiencing high-gravity forces. He found that forces acting against you in an “eyeballs in” direction hurt people the least. That is to say, the force pressed upon the eyeballs and toward the spine. As such, he thinks that the greatest chance of surviving a fall is to land on your back.

However, the Highway Safety Research Institute claims that you are, as conventional wisdom would suggest, best off to land on your feet. Your feet and legs then take the hardest impact. Your brain and skull get the most protection, as they are last to strike the ground and do so more slowly than the rest of your body.

Granted, as you slip and fall from a ladder, you may not have time to orient yourself a certain way before hitting the ground. Still, it is interesting to think about the way that your landing can impact your survival odds and the types of injuries that you may experience.

If you do end up with serious injuries, make sure you understand your legal rights.


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