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Drunk driving accidents and young children

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2020 | Personal Injury

Whether your child finds themselves in a vehicle operated by someone who is under the influence of alcohol or they are struck by a drunk driver in another vehicle, drunk driving crashes are especially concerning when they involve young kids. Sadly, many children lose their lives in these accidents and a lot of children are seriously injured in these crashes as well.

Sadly, drunk driving accidents are preventable but many careless drivers do not think about the well-being of others when they get behind the wheel after drinking. If a drunk driver has caused your child to sustain injuries, you need to hold the driver accountable for the suffering they have caused.

Looking at statistics on drunk driving crashes and kids

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 231 children 14 and younger lost their lives in drunk driving accidents during 2018. Among the kids who lost their lives in these accidents, 31% were riding in other vehicles, 55% were passengers in vehicles operated by drivers who were under the influence and 13% were not riding in a vehicle. In fact, drunk driving accidents accounted for 22% of the fatal traffic crashes involving children during 2018.

Looking at the impact of drunk driving accidents

When a drunk driving crash takes place, children often suffer in various ways. These accidents are usually very emotionally debilitating and many children struggle with high levels of pain due to injuries. Financial problems arise for many families and some kids are unable to focus in school (or even attend school) due to their hardships. It is crucial for parents to seek justice and do everything in their power to help their child recover from an accident.


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