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What are common types of construction accidents?

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2021 | Construction Accidents

Many New Yorkers work in the construction industry. There are definite positives to the work, including good wages and benefits, but there are inherent dangers too. When there is a construction accident, workers can lose income, need long-term medical care, have problems providing personal contributions to a family, and more. To avoid injuries when doing construction work, it may be wise to understand the most common types of accidents. This can also be useful after an accident has happened, and the injured worker is assessing the available options.

Most frequently occurring construction accidents

Numerous types of accidents can occur with construction projects, but some happen more frequently than others. Since construction workers often need to be stationed at substantial heights, falls are always a risk. This can cause broken bones, head injuries, spinal cord damage, muscle tears and even death. On construction sites, heavy machinery will be used. One small mistake can cause a worker to be seriously hurt by a drill or a jackhammer.

Workers could be electrocuted on a site. Being hit with a falling item can cause severe injuries. A worker simply dropping a tool could be deadly. Injury could also stem from a failure to adequately secure the tools. Workers might be crushed if they are caught in between objects. Vehicles are necessary to lift large items, to transport, and to excavate. When stationed near a forklift, a truck, or a digger, there is a consistent danger of being hit. Flammable materials are used on construction sites, so fires and explosions can erupt and can cause extensive burns. Finally, the building itself could collapse or partially collapse, trapping workers underneath and injuring them severely.

Employers are responsible for following safety protocol

Employer negligence can include a lack of vigilance with engineering, using inadequate materials, conducting insufficient inspections, and making other easily preventable mistakes. Young workers, immigrants, people unsure of the future, and anyone else impacted by a construction accident should be aware of what they may face during their recoveries, including medical costs, lost wages, and long-term challenges. Experienced advice from an attorney can be helpful in determining how to proceed.


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