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What can be done to reduce falls in construction?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2021 | Construction Accidents

Construction sites are hazardous work zones where falls account for a large portion of injuries. Falls are also responsible for many construction worker deaths.

Fortunately, there are actions both employers and employees can take to make construction sites more impervious to fall injuries. For example, according to OSHA, employers must provide fall protection at elevations of 6 feet or higher in construction workplaces.

What must employers do to protect employees from falls?

One of the biggest hazards at a construction worksite is holes in floors and walls. Employers must cover these holes by using a railing or toe board or a floor hole cover.

Employers must also install guardrails and toeboards in areas where workers might fall into dangerous machines or equipment. Examples of this include live conveyor belts or vats of acid.

What can employees do?

Ensure that your employer is abiding by OSHA’s laws. For instance, OSHA requires that employers provide job hazard safety training to workers in languages that the workers understand.

Employers must assist employees in keeping the workspace clean and dry in so far as it is possible. Better foot traction at the worksite means fewer falls.


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