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Two New York motor vehicle accidents cause multiple injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 | Car Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents take on many shapes and forms, from single-vehicle accidents to those involving many vehicles and injuries. In addition to property damage, accidents result in serious injuries that cause major disruptions in people’s lives.

Drivers on New York roadways must contend with many potentially dangerous situations each and every day.

Seizure results in van driving into vacant dining area

The New York Daily News reported on a two-vehicle accident that injured eight people in Midtown in early March. A runaway van careened into a dining establishment, sending debris flying and injuring multiple parties. The injured people included two young children and four adults, all struck by flying particles. The driver and passenger of a car received injuries as well.

Emergency personnel transported the injured to Bellevue Hospital. The driver of the van suffered a medical episode, causing the accident, and also experienced a second seizure after the crash. Witnesses at the scene said luck and circumstance resulted in fewer injuries than the severity of the crash indicated.

Multiple-vehicle crash closes Prospect Expressway

NBC New York reported on a serious crash in Brooklyn in February that injured ten people, five of whom received critical injuries. The cause of the crash remains under investigation. Initially, a vehicle crashed into two other vehicles on the side of the freeway, and this resulted in four more vehicles, including an MTA bus, colliding with the other vehicles.

Authorities closed down the expressway as they investigated the cause of the accident. A minor accident caused the first two drivers to pull over and exchange information when the third vehicle slammed into them.


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