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What are the dangers of scaffolding?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2021 | Construction Accidents

While working, you may underestimate the dangers of walking on and building around elevated platforms.

Knowing common scaffolding safety hazards is important for anyone with a career in construction.

Slip and falls

According to the United States Department of Labor, an unstable platform can lead to workers tripping and falling from a great height. Tools and bags left out where workers walk can also become a tripping hazard for anyone.

Not only can poor safety standards put people in danger, but a lack of fall protection during an accident can also leave you with spinal cord or head injuries. Using guard rails and secure planks, as well as a fall arrest system, are some ways to combat this risk.

Dangerous procedures

Following safety procedures while around or on a platform is important since you and your crew may come into contact with electrical wiring. Staying a proper distance from power lines back while working can help minimize potential issues.

Overloading a platform over the recommended weight limit can cause a total collapse. A competent person must inspect and approve a scaffold in order for workers to begin their jobs, since a poorly constructed scaffold can fall apart while workers are on it. Hastily building or deconstructing scaffolding can lead to accidents on the worksite.

Falling objects

A hammer or piece of handheld construction equipment can easily slip between platforms and fall onto someone’s head. Unsecured debris or other items are often heavy and cause serious damage, especially if you are not wearing a helmet.

Taking note of all procedures and safety problems while working with scaffolding can help you know what issues may arise.


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