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What are recent trends in falling object prevention?

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2021 | Construction Accidents

New York City’s tall skyline reminds construction workers of the risks of a tool or other work debris hitting them from a height above. Such strikes can result in traumatic brain injuries or even death. This is a problem the construction industry has been aware of for some time, and recent trends suggest workers will have more help in preventing these accidents.

In a recent article, Safety and Health Magazine reported on different ways the construction industry is working towards stopping incidents of falling objects on construction sites.

Developing better tools

Manufacturers have responded to the problem of falling objects with an increase in object prevention tools and accessories. These include putting anchor attachments, tool attachments and tool tethers together in a tethering kit that a worker can apply to multiple work situations. Worker demand has also centered on permanent attachment methods for tools instead of less permanent substances like tethering tape.

The expansion of collaboration

Additionally, fall protection professionals are examining construction sites to determine fall risks and offer solutions. Since workers have constant exposure to job site hazards, they might overlook dangers that a fresh pair of eyes would detect. Product manufacturers are also engaging with their customers to learn more about what workers at height have to deal with and how to create products to fit their needs better.

This news is encouraging and it may signify a decrease in construction accidents in the months to come. Still, some companies and workers may continue to be negligent when it comes to the safety of their workers, and if this results in injury on the job site, you may be able to seek damages.


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