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What do you know about traumatic brain injury rehabilitation?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2021 | Car Accidents

A recent car accident left you with a traumatic brain injury. You know you have a personal injury case, but you do not know what to expect for your recovery.

Johns Hopkins Medicine answers common TBI rehabilitation questions. Understand what to expect during your recovery to strengthen your legal case.

Rehab methods

Doctors use various rehab methods for TBI patients, including speech, physical and occupational therapy. You could also need social support and psychiatric care. Your required treatment depends on your individual needs.

Rehab reasons

TBI rehab focuses on treating your brain injury’s effects on your life. Medical professionals offer social and emotional support, address physical and mental issues, and help you function in daily life. Brain injuries may cause compilations such as bladder problems, blood clots, pain and low blood pressure. Rehab addresses all these issues. When you experience shifts during recovery, rehab helps you with those, too.

Rehab risks

You need not expect issues while undergoing rehab. Exercise caution while engaged in occupational or physical therapy, as you may experience new symptoms or worsen existing symptoms or injuries if you are not careful. If you feel unsure about therapy, share your concerns with your doctor and physical therapist.

Rehab preparation

Your doctor can help you get ready for rehab. You may need to recover in a medical setting, receive intensive care treatment, undergo brain or skull surgery, or transfer to a rehab hospital.

Learning more about TBI rehabilitation helps to protect your legal rights. Know what medical costs to include with your personal injury claim, so you know how much to seek in damages.


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