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Responsible driving can protect you from wintertime accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2021 | Car Accidents

Driving in the wintertime in New York is often more hazardous than other times of the year. Snow, sleet, ice and wind can hurt visibility and create dangerous conditions.

Taking extra precautions during this time of year can reduce your risks of getting in a car accident.

Take your time

Rushing is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when driving during the wintertime. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, planning your route is a great place to begin. Decide where you will drive and when you need to leave to allow yourself ample time to get to your destination on time.

When it is time to leave, turn your vehicle on and allow it to warm up. If parked outside, defrost your windows completely and make sure you can see. Brush any snow from the top of your vehicle to prevent it from sliding onto your windshield while you drive. When traveling, follow the posted speed limit, but reduce your speed as needed if you encounter poor road conditions. Inclement weather including fog and blowing snow may also influence your speed. Keep both hands on the wheel and use caution when you switch lanes and slow down.

Follow your gut

Sometimes it may feel as though you can barely see or control your vehicle during the wintertime. Continuing to press through in such situations can unnecessarily put your safety at risk. If you feel uneasy because of the weather, consider alternative solutions. For example, maybe you can telecommute to work for the day. If you have errands to run, consider pushing them to another day. You may also choose to use public transportation for the day so you do not have to drive your personal vehicle.

If you do experience a dangerous wintertime accident, you may face months of recovery. Working with an attorney, you may have the guidance you need to address your circumstances the right way.


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