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What are common seat belt injuries?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2022 | Car Accidents

You wore your seat belt during a recent car accident, which kept you safe, but did the safety measure harm you? A doctor could help determine if you suffered seat belt injuries.

To better understand how seat belts may harm drivers and passengers, see what Safer America says on the matter. If you suffered harm from a seat belt, you could include the injury as part of your car accident claim.

Soft-tissue injury

Like other car accident injuries, you may not immediately notice the pain caused by a seat belt injury. Pay attention to signs of soft-tissue injuries around your abdominal area, such as bruising, swelling and pain. If you suspect you sustained an injury to your soft tissues, let a medical professional examine you.


Other than internal injuries, you may notice signs of external injuries caused by your clothing and the seat belt pressing you back into your seat. Examine yourself for small cuts and bruises and lingering imprints of the seat belt across your body. Should you notice abrasions or lacerations, treat them as quickly as possible to prevent skin infections.

Shoulder injuries

Depending on the force of the crash, tugging seatbelts may dig into the shoulder. With enough force, seat belts tear tendons and muscle fibers, causing severe discomfort. While ice packs could help with swelling, you may need help from a physical therapist to make a full recovery.

Rib injuries

Commonly, seat belts fracture or bruise the ribs because of how well belts restrain you during an impact. Fractured or bruised ribs may take months to heal, and you could experience excruciating pain while you recover. Let a doctor examine and treat you if you think you suffered a rib injury, so you do not risk a dislocated bone damaging your heart or lungs.

Seat belts save lives, but they can also hurt you. Proper treatment and information help you make a full recovery.


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