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53% of all fatal electrical injuries involve construction workers

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | Construction Accidents

When it comes to electrical injuries, New York and the nation’s construction workers face a higher chance of dying due to an electrical incident than workers in any other industry. Some types of electrical injuries are more common than others, so learning what causes these types of injuries is a key part of preventing them in the future.

According to Construction Executive, more than half, or 53%, of all deaths that result from electrical injuries involve construction workers. Even when electrical injuries do not lead to death, they may still have lasting impacts that hinder a construction worker’s quality of life moving forward. The most common electrical injuries that occur on U.S. construction sites are as follows.


Electrocution is the most common electrical injury – and the most common cause of electrical injury death – in construction. Construction workers must take care when erecting scaffolds and working near power lines so not to have unintentional contact with them.

Severe burns or deaths due to explosive gases

Severe burns and construction site deaths may result from explosions, which are often the result of the accidental ignition of electrical equipment.

Injuries suffered in falls after electrical shocks

Low-voltage shocks have the potential to throw workers off-balance, and falls are a common result. For example, construction workers who come in contact with power lines may suffer an electric shock or electrocution and fall from the scaffold because of it.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration sets guidelines and safety protocols business must abide by to enhance safety and help prevent electrical injuries on construction sites.


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