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What can you expect after a spinal cord injury?

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2022 | Construction Accidents

Falls can result in severe back injuries in the construction industry, including spinal cord trauma. If you undergo spinal cord damage, you cannot reverse it. According to Mayo Clinic, treatment often focuses on preventing injuries and aiding patients in living a more productive and active life.

Emergency treatment involves immobilization of the spine. Medical personnel may use a rigid board and neck collar to transport a patient to the hospital following the injury.

Emergency care for spinal cord injuries

In the emergency room, doctors focus on preventing shock, maintaining a patient’s breathing abilities, and avoiding complications.

For patients with SCIs, there are various treatments available. Most patients have to undergo surgery to remove foreign objects, fractured vertebrae, or stabilize the spine. Acute medical care may include IV medication to prevent blood clots and pneumonia during the initial recovery stage.

Rehabilitation following a spinal cord injury

Rehabilitation begins in the early stages of your recovery. You may require an occupational therapist, physical therapist, rehabilitation nurse, social worker and recreational therapist. Professionals in rehabilitative care often focus on muscle function and complication prevention.

While they cannot reverse the damage of your injury, they can help you improve your daily function and help you live the most independent life possible. You may learn new skills or how to use different medical aids. For instance, electronic aids, computer adaptations and modern wheelchairs can help people with disabilities live a more independent life. Electrical stimulation devices use electrical stimulators to control leg and arm muscles. The stimulation allows people to stand, grip and even walk.

After an SCI, you may experience the highest recovery rate within the first six months.


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