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What is the National Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2022 | Construction Accidents

Falls are a serious concern on construction sites. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have put into place the National Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction to help put focus on this pervasive hazard in the workplace.

The campaign began in 2012 and continues to run each year. It is done in conjunction with the NORA Construction Sector Council and assistance from other safety organizations, including NIOSH, CPWR and OSHA.

Fall prevention

Annually, part of the program’s operations includes the National Stand-Down. This activity helps to bring attention to fall prevention. It highlights the number of falls that occur each year and how deadly they can be.


The campaign also has various materials that job sites and employers can use to help spread awareness and increase prevention measures in their workplace. Infographics come out yearly that provide updated details about total fall situations and the injuries and deaths. For example, in 2018, the industry had 320 deaths related to falls. Seeing such information in clear and concise formats is a great way to educate workers about how serious fall risks can be.

Preventing falls and stopping the injuries and deaths that result from them on construction worksites is a group effort. Not only do regulators and employers have to provide safe environments but they also need to make it easy for employees to use safety equipment and follow protocols that will keep falls to a minimum. Everyone has to work together to make sure that falls stop taking lives on construction worksites, and the National Campaign to Prevent Falls goes a long way towards helping reach that goal.


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