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How can scaffolding accidents happen?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2022 | Construction Accidents

As you work on scaffolds on a construction site, you may notice some situations or aspects of the job that put you in danger.

While scaffolding is important for workers who need to reach higher parts of a building or other area, you should also know the risks associated with this kind of structure.

Poor construction

According to the United States Department of Labor, weak or loose planks can often cause someone to slip and fall. When workers initially construct a scaffold, a qualified person must check all walkways and platforms.

If a scaffold is poorly made, it may collapse when people initially put their full body weight on it. This can lead to serious head injuries or spinal trauma, even if you are only a few feet off of the ground at the time of the fall.

Dropped tools and items

A heavy item dropped from above can fall on your head without warning on a scaffold. If another worker accidentally forgets to put away their tools in a secured way, then there is a risk of injuries. This kind of injury can also happen when you slip on a tool that is laying out in the platform’s walkway as you work.

Disregarded safety rules

When other people around you do not follow safety guidelines or leave dangerous electrical wires exposed, you are at risk for an accident. Each worker needs to meet certain safety standards, including when you are deconstructing the platforms.

If you notice you do not have the proper gear or harnesses available to use when working, it can lead to a worse problem. Staying aware of the dangers of scaffolding is important for anyone on a construction site.


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