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How do unexpected medication errors happen?

On Behalf of | May 8, 2022 | blog, Medical Malpractice

In the time after you begin to take prescribed medicine, you may start to realize that the dosage or even the kind of medicine itself is wrong.

Medical malpractice comes in all forms, and doctors or medical professionals are often the sources of medication errors.

Unclear writing

According to the National Library of Medicine, if a doctor is rushing to meet with multiple patients or feels overwhelmed by a busy schedule, then they may hurry to write down a prescription. If they have messy handwriting or misspell the name of a drug, then it can lead to the wrong prescription getting filled.

In some dangerous circumstances, you may have a severe reaction to taking the wrong drugs together.

Weak communication

Struggling to talk openly to your doctor or having them dismiss you can leave you feeling frustrated. This can become more urgent of a problem when they prescribe the wrong medication or give you the wrong dosage.

Some may even only give you verbal instructions and expect you to remember details without any way to check what they said in writing. Unhelpful or unnecessary instructions and a lack of communication can confuse patients.


While some doctors may feel rushed, others may simply not include important information or forget to clarify some parts of a prescription. They can also write the wrong dosage or wrong kind of medicine and forget to check to make sure their choice of medicine was right for the patient.

This kind of carelessness and medical malpractice can be seriously harmful to anyone who needs medical help, and it can lead to health complications.


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