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Looking at statistics on traffic crashes and pedal cyclist injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2022 | Car Accidents

If you become involved in a traffic accident while you are on a bicycle or another type of non-motorized vehicle, the incident could lead to devastating injuries, financial challenges, emotional hurdles and other hardships. While riding a bike, you are particularly vulnerable, and it is vital to review the various hazards you could encounter on the road.

Additionally, you should look at statistics on pedal cyclist injuries in order to recognize the prevalence of these accidents and the consequences they cause.

Data on pedal cyclist injuries

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shared data on pedal cyclist injuries, which includes those riding bikes, tricycles, unicycles and non-motorized vehicles. In 2019, 49,000 pedal cyclists sustained injuries in traffic accidents, based on estimates. This reflects a 5.4% increase in comparison to 2018. Moreover, 2019 data shows that male pedal cyclists suffered injuries more frequently in comparison to females.

It is crucial to note that this data only counts accidents involving motor vehicles, which means that even more pedal cyclists suffered injuries in 2019.

Accidents involving pedal cyclists claim many lives

Aside from serious injuries, many pedal cyclists lose their lives in traffic collisions. In fact, these accidents claimed the lives of more than 800 pedal cyclists in 2019 alone, representing 2.3% of all traffic accident deaths.

From drunk drivers to speeding, distracted driving and poor weather, these accidents have many causes and continue to shatter the lives of pedal cyclists and their loved ones. If you suffered an injury in a pedal cycling accident, know that you are not alone and firmly stand up for your rights.


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