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Can a crash cause a crush injury?

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2022 | Car Accidents

Car crashes can have numerous ill impacts on both the driver and passengers of any car involved. Some of the most severe injuries can cause drastic damage to the body and even put the victim’s life at risk.

This includes the possibility of crush injuries. Though not spoken about as frequently as other types of injuries, they can cause massive amounts of damage to the body and can easily lead to death.

How crashes can crush a victim

Up To Date examines the serious impact of crush injuries. A crush injury occurs when part of the body ends up compressed, crushed, run over, smashed or otherwise pinned down by a larger or heavier object. Examples can include a car running over someone’s foot, all the way to a building collapsing on a victim.

In the case of a car crash, many crush injuries occur because of the car caving in on the people trapped inside. For example, in crashes where a frontal impact leads to the dashboard collapsing, some victims will experience crush injuries to the legs or hands.

Crush injuries may also occur in the event that a victim somehow ends up outside of a vehicle and pinned beneath one of the vehicles and the ground, a tree, the other vehicle, or another hard surface.

Types of injury and complications

Limb crush injuries have a higher rate of occurrence in crashes due to their nature. However, victims may also experience crush injuries to the trunk and torso, which can cause complications like organ failure.


Any crush injury has a high likelihood of complications, however, ranging from infections to amputations. This is why they require such swift and precise medical intervention and treatment.


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