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How can falls from a scaffold happen without warning?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2022 | Construction Accidents

Working in construction zones, you may encounter certain areas or structures on a daily basis that are unlike anything you worked on before. Walking on a scaffold may not be a rare occurrence, but it can still bring certain risks along with it.

This is even more true when your coworkers or poor scaffold design influence these situations. Staying aware of how dangerous being on scaffolding is can help you if you suffer from injuries.

Sloppy construction and planning

According to the Center for Construction Research and Training, when workers do not properly construct a scaffold, it can fail to hold the weight of even one person. This means that if you are on a platform, it could collapse without warning.

Failing to properly attach certain planks or screws can also make the scaffold unsafe. Every scaffold should have a competent person check it before anyone else uses it.

Employee negligence

When your fellow employees leave their tools or personal items out on the walkways you need to use, you could easily slip and fall without warning. This can lead to you harming your spine or head when you fall several feet to the ground.

People around you could also bump or accidentally push you off a scaffold if they do not follow safety guidelines. Failing to warn you and other workers around them if they are carrying heavy items can lead to you tripping.

Lack of safety railings

When you potentially slip, having a harness on or a guard railing near you can prevent you from getting an injury. However, if your workplace does not take these safety precautions, then you could suffer serious harm.

Learning about how easily people can fall off scaffolds can help you if you get hurt at work.


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