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How do prescription errors happen in a doctor’s office?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

Confusion and noise can affect anyone who is trying to concentrate, including doctors who are writing prescriptions for a patient.

Certain issues in an office or kinds of interactions can lead to prescriptions getting misunderstood or written incorrectly. Understanding the source of these kinds of errors can help you if you are struggling after medical malpractice.

Failure to describe and explain

According to the National Library of Medicine, when a doctor cannot concentrate enough to hold an uninterrupted conversation with you, they may forget to tell you important details about your medicine.

Sometimes these details include how to apply or ingest it, as well as how often you should take it. You may not be aware of any special instructions you should follow if your doctor does not warn you before you leave the office.

Wrong dosage

A doctor may become so distracted by other people that they write the wrong amount or name on your prescription. Even changing one number on a prescription can majorly impact your physical health if the dosage is wrong.

Sleeplessness or fatigue can also lead to a medical professional mixing up important facts. No matter what causes this problem, a doctor telling you to take too much or not enough of a certain medicine can harm you.

Lack of proper questions

If you take multiple medicines, it is important that your doctor does not prescribe you one that causes an adverse reaction when taken with another prescription you already have.

If your doctor fails to ask you about your other medications or assumes it will not cause a bad reaction, you could suffer from medical malpractice.


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