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Did you hit your head during that crash?

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Car Accidents

Head injuries and brain trauma are not uncommon in car crash scenarios. But how exactly do people cope with these injuries in the aftermath of the wreck?

It is important to understand how these crashes can affect brain health and what the healing process looks like moving forward.

The manifestation of brain damage

Physiopedia talks about the damage that may occur during a crash. The injuries suffered can depend on numerous factors such as whether a person was wearing a seatbelt, the speed at which the crash happened, and the force behind the impact.

Of course, injuries can manifest with different symptoms depending on the location of the damage, too. Damage to different lobes or areas of the brain will manifest in ways according to what those areas of the brain control or maintain.

For example, the frontal lobe holds responsibility for executive function and impulse control. Many victims of head injuries to the frontal lobe will undergo personality and behavioral changes, often seeming easier to agitate and quicker to lash out at others.

These changes are difficult not only for the victim but also for their loved ones, who do not know how to handle the extreme and sudden changes.

Unpredictable recovery

The road to recovery is often difficult, too. It is hard to predict how someone will recover from an injury to the brain. Even two near-identical cases regarding the injury and incident behind it could have drastically different outcomes for healing.

However, quick medical aid is one way to ensure that the smoothest possible path to healing happens right away. This is crucial for anyone who suffered a blow to the head in a crash.


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