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How can misuse of forceps during delivery harm you and your baby?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

As you give birth, you may notice varying sensations that indicate that doctors are trying to help assist you and your baby.

However, when this assistance ends up hurting you and becomes negligence and malpractice, you may suffer from multiple injuries.

Infant head injuries

According to the Cleveland Clinic, rough tugs and tightly clamped forceps on a baby’s head can result in lasting brain trauma. Since newborns’ skulls are softer and more prone to injury, a doctor who is rushing to finish a delivery can apply too much pressure and potentially cause internal bleeding.

Doctors use forceps the most when the mother cannot push enough to get the baby through the birth canal. This sensitive time can lead to serious injuries if the medical professionals assisting the birth do not notice the baby’s heart rate or signs of breathing.

Vaginal tears

Doctors may use forceps at the wrong time or in the wrong conditions, such as when you are not fully dilated or the baby’s position is not correct. In some cases, they may not even alert you to the fact they are using them. The stretching out of muscles around your urethra can also weaken that area of your body and leave you with lasting health problems.

Bladder issues

This kind of negligence can cause tears in your uterine wall or bladder. Not only can this action harm you during delivery, but it can also make it hard to fully empty your bladder in the time after. Knowing how forceps can lead to birth injuries can help if you are suffering from one after a delivery.


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