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What are your rights when the police show up at your door?

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2022 | Civil Rights Violations

If officers show up at your door, do you know what they can and cannot do? There are rights you have in every police encounter afforded to you under the law.

The American Civil Liberties Union recommends making sure you understand your rights when encountering law enforcement.

Check for a warrant

If the officers say they have a warrant, then you have the right to ask to see it. You do not have to open the door until you see the proof that they have the right to enter your home.  Let them know why you are not letting them in right away. Make sure to check the warrant for the address and your name. You should not let them in without proof that they are law enforcement officers and that they have a legal right to be there. If they insist on seeing you, then step outside until you have proof of the warrant.

Do not talk

You do not have to speak with officers even if they have a warrant. You must let them in and allow them to do a search, but you do not have to answer questions or give a statement. It is in your best interests to stay quiet. There is no law that says you must speak, so say nothing.

You should also take notes or a video of what is happening as they do the search. It may help your attorney later on.

Officers showing up at your door can make for a stressful situation, but to best protect yourself, you need to know your rights and exercise them.


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