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How rain and snow can lead to car accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2022 | Car Accidents

When you head out to drive in New York, you should always pay attention to weather conditions. Nearly all roadways in the state become slippery with rain or snow at one time or another.

During challenging weather conditions, other drivers also pose a greater risk to your safety.

Driving in the rain

Information from Driving Tests highlights the fact that higher vehicle accident rates correlate with rainy driving conditions.  Inexperienced drivers especially have trouble dealing with the reduced visibility and the changes in vehicle handling that come with rain and wet roads. A reduced ability to stop quickly can also cause accidents.

To protect yourself and your passengers while driving in the rain, you should maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and reduce speed when appropriate. Also, avoid areas of standing water, which could lead to hydroplaning and loss of control. Before heading out in the rain, make sure your tires have adequate tread and that windshield wipers work effectively.

Driving in the snow

Snowy roads reach Brooklyn regularly during the winter and require special driving skills to stay out of trouble. Aceable lists staying home in wintry driving conditions as your first line of defense. When you must drive, though, you should reduce your speed to account for a decrease in traction on snowy roads.

Since your windshield could fog or ice up, make sure the heating system works to ensure you have maximum visibility. New winter windshield wipers have an expanded ability to clear off snow and sleet.

When driving conditions deteriorate in New York, make sure you take precautions. If you do suffer from a car accident, do not hesitate to protect your legal rights.


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