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3 dangerous things commuters do when driving

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | Car Accidents

Many people consider their commute as dead time, a necessary evil to get to and from work. So they try to make use of that time to avoid wasting it. The problem is driving is an all-consuming task in itself.

If you travel to work by public transport or as a passenger in someone else’s car, by all means, try to make good use of that time. If, however, you are driving, you cannot afford to do anything but drive. Every little non-driving related thing you do detracts from your safety and that of others.

Here are some of the things that commuters often do that reduce safety:

1. Catching up on calls or emails

However busy someone might be, it does not excuse them from working while driving. Doing so might increase their profits and bonus, but the cost to others could be massive if they cause a crash.

2. Getting ready for work

People should either leave the house fully presentable for work or arrive early and finish their grooming there. Doing hair, makeup or clothing while driving is unsafe.

3. Eating and drinking

While most people would consider this perfectly acceptable, it requires a driver to remove at least one hand from the steering wheel and direct their attention away from the road for a time. The safest way to have breakfast is to do it before you leave home or once you arrive at work.

Sadly, many drivers won’t heed this advice. If one of them injures you in a crash, seek legal help to hold them responsible for their decision to do something else while driving.


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